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Job description
This 24 month project takes the form of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) (, which provides you with practical and formal training and the availability of support from experienced mentors at ColdHubs Ltd. (Nigeria), Aston University (UK), University of Port Harcourt (abbr. Uniport) (Nigeria) and Innovate UK.

The Company
ColdHubs Ltd. is a social enterprise that designs, installs, commissions, builds and operates 100% solar-powered walk-in cold rooms ("ColdHubs"), in markets & farm clusters. The Hubs are used by smallholder farmers, retailers, and wholesalers, who pay a fee to store and preserve perishable foods (fresh fruits, vegetables etc.) extending shelf life from 2 to 21 days. These are installed at multiple locations, depending upon need, and agri-food density.

In addition to deploying technology, ColdHubs tackles limited awareness and knowledge base of these food supply chain actors by delivering comprehensive teaching, skills and knowledge on post-harvest management of perishable food using the local language, including harvesting, handling, grading, packing, cooling, transportation & storage. To find out more please visit:  
The Project
A key element of the new Knowledge Transfer Partnership funded by UK’s Innovation Agency Innovate UK will be the development of a hybrid solar-powered pre-cooling technology based on novel vapour compression-absorption technology co-developed at Aston and University of Port Harcourt. The team will also have to apply their extensive expertise to identify common operating conditions for a range of produce, to avoid food damage due to either excessive cooling or undercooling; mitigate the impact of weather conditions on optimisation of the ColdHubs Pre-Coolers minimising energy usage and storage.
The role offers an exciting opportunity to work as part of a team with ColdHubs Ltd., Aston University and the University of Port Harcourt to develop the knowledge that will underpin the company's future developments with good prospects for career development in the ColdHubs Ltd. team.
You will also develop a broad set of skills in project management, stakeholder management, working on a strategic project in an innovative business, and carrying out cutting-edge research.
The skills developed during the course of the project will enable the successful candidate to develop a strong set of varied skills which will enhance their future career opportunities.
Further details of the main duties and responsibilities of the role are detailed below.

Main Duties and Responsibilities (include but not limited to):
  • Establish a Project Advisory Group
  • To work closely with ColdHubs staff to embed skills through collaborative, and present project progress across the company and collaboration partners
  • To work collaboratively with members of ColdHubs technical team to design and develop the compression-absorption system.
  • To document all development steps with technical reports and procedures to ensure the new capability is embedded in the company. In addition Standard Operating Procedures will be jointly developed for the design, operation, and maintenance of the CHPCs. These will be used by ColdHub Ltd to train technicians who will operate the CHPCs.
  • To manage financial aspects of the project including liaising with Uniport and Aston to prepare finance statements for approval and seek approval for & forecast expenditure throughout the project.
  • To drive the project, and take responsibility for delivering the proposed plan of work in collaboration with the academic and company teams.
  • Disseminate project progress across the company and within Aston’s and Uniport’s research environment, recording developments in a technical library and in appropriate reports as necessary.

Person specification